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Senior throws down preposterous 360, between-the-legs slam

Prep Rally

Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to introduce you to one of the best dunkers you've probably never heard of: Charles Taylor.

No, not that Charles Taylor. This one (we assume) has never even been to Liberia, let alone served as the African country's corrupt president. Instead, this Charles Taylor -- he's technically Charles Taylor Jr. -- is a budding star and 6-foot-2 rising senior at Silver Spring (Md.) Springbrook High, and he has serious, serious hops, particularly given his height.

How serious? Just check out the ridiculous dunk he throws down at the start of the YouTube clip above, which was filmed at a basketball recruiting event -- the ScoutsFocus Elite 80 -- earlier in October in North Carolina. It was an event where Taylor was singled out as one of the tournament's standout performers by SLAM Magazine. In case you had trouble disaggregating the moves in that slam, it was a between-the-legs 360, with Taylor completing a full revolution while slipping the ball between his legs, then throwing down a clean slam.

Taylor isn't the first person to pull off a between-the-legs, 360 slam, but he may be one of the only high schoolers to ever pull off the feat. Most notably, current Kansas Jayhawk Elijah Johnson threw down a similar slam in a spring high school all-star game back in 2009. Indiana Pacers guard Paul George has also thrown down a between-the-legs 360 in practice, and former And 1 Mixtape performer Air Up There also has successfully completed the complicated dunk.

Still, to Prep Rally's knowledge, the list of dunkers who have somehow thrown down a between-the-legs, 360 dunk in a game or public competition ends about there, with the notable addition of Taylor after his early October slamarama.

Not surprisingly, Taylor's between-the-legs antics were good enough to win the Elite 80 showcase's slam dunk contest, finishing on top of other contenders like Greenville (N.C.) Oakwood School high riser James Demery, whom Prep Rally featured on Oct. 20 for dunking directly over a standing defender.

Perhaps fittingly, Demery was actually the stand-in for Taylor's second most impressive dunk on this highlight reel, sitting and biting his tongue while Taylor soared directly above him for another dunk in the contest.

Whether this dunk is Taylor's first move en route to a major college basketball future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: If he doesn't make it at the next level, it won't be because of a lack of athleticism.

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