Respected youth soccer coach arrested for secretly videotaping female pupils

A youth soccer coach stands accused of a disturbing and shameful act after Ohio authorities arrested the man on suspicion of secretly videotaping female players in the nude.

As reported by Dayton and Miami Valley ABC affiliate WKEF and its Cincinnati counterpart WCPO, 42-year-old youth soccer coach Craig Rhodis was arrested in connection with suspected videotaping of two different female athletes -- a 15-year-old and 17-year-old -- during private training workouts he held on July 15. More specifically, Rhodis incorporated a body mass index testing session, with Rhodis claiming that he needed the teens to change clothes for the BMI test.

When the girls entered the bathroom, one of them noticed an open phone, which immediately alerted her to the possibility that they were being recorded. The girls alerted Butler County law enforcement which promptly launched an investigation and possessed Rhodis’ phone, discovering videos of the girls changing and in the nude.

While the case against Rhodis is still in its early stages, the charges against the coach have left a sleepy Ohio community struggling to come to grips with his actions. Rhodis was a well respected coach who played a significant role in helping elite soccer players prepare for the next level and earn more exposure. Rhodes also served as the director of the Fairfield Optimist soccer programs, earning him a high profile in the larger soccer community.

That he would betray the trust of teenagers and their parents has left other unconnected parents incensed and demanding answers, as a number made clear to WKEF when interviewed by the network.

"Mostly I just feel sorry for those kids. Not only did he hurt them and their self-respect and the kids could be traumatized by that," Butler County mother of three Sherry Conlin remarked.

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