Referee gets completely leveled when he fails to get out of the way of powerful RB

Cameron Smith

Let's face it: Not all prep and youth sports referees keep themselves in the physical condition required of their collegiate and professional counterparts. In fact, sometimes they can't get out of the way of an important play, even when that play is rushing right at them.

Take the play you see above, for example. As dug up from Hudl by the crack video squad, this disastrous sequence comes from a matchup between Glenbard (Ill.) North High and Carmel (Ill.) High. On the play, Glenbard North star Justin Jackson took a handoff and headed straight upfield like a freight train.

Make that a runaway freight train, at least until he made contact with the unnamed referee, who somehow failed to get out of the way. Jackson collided with the official, both fell down boom and the play was over, much to the chagrin of Jackson.

That says nothing of the referee who was embarrassingly dump trucked by a running back who he couldn't fail to see come right at him.

The question, of course, is why he didn't get out of the way. The official easily could have skipped a few steps to the left as the play developed. He could have moved to the right. Heck, he could have aggressively backpedaled.

Instead, he stood there flat footed as the game ran him over. Luckily there were no reports of any injuries on the play, so all could look back and have a little chuckle, even Jackson. By game's end, the Northwestern commit ran for 186 yards and caught three passes for 137 yards, accounting for 5 touchdowns. His Glenbard North squad rolled to a 35-14 victory.

And the referee was in the middle of all of it, in one case a bit too literally.

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