A potato man and a border crossing: The bizarre mascots of the Apple State

Cameron Smith
September 9, 2013

You'd think that the Apple State would have at least one terrific mascot that was connected to apples themselves. It doesn't, but it has plenty of other unique sports nicknames to make up for the shortcoming.

The Ridgefield Spudders are more fierce than your average potato — Facebook
The Ridgefield Spudders are more fierce than your average potato — Facebook

Take, for instance, the Spudders. Fitting for the nickname of a potato, the Spudders hail from Ridgefield (Wa.) High which happens to be right in the thick of one of the largest potato producing regions in the country; Southwestern Washington.

In fact, as noted by MaxPreps, Washington as a whole is the second highest grossing potato producing state in the country, behind the far more famous Idaho.


Ridgefield celebrates that heritage with aplomb. It even integrates the elementary school into the act, with the mascot of Ridgefield (Wa.) Union Ridge Elementary School being the Tater Tots.

Other Great Washington Mascots of Note:

If the Spudders are the state's best, there's no question that the Borderites are a close second. The nation's only mascot celebrating a spot on the border, Blaine (Wa.) High earned its nickname because the school sits directly next to the Peace Arch, a structure which celebrates Canadian and American cooperation.

If any school was to play as the "Borderites", it might as well be Blaine.

It's highly likely that you've never heard the word "Hyak" before. That is, unless you've studied Chinook customs and language. The Native American tribe used the word to denote being fast or fleet-footed, which was enough motivation for Ocean Shores (Wa.) North Beach High to take the phrase as a mascot.

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