Packers TE Tom Crabtree shows off dodgeball skills in video, is drilled by middle schooler

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's probably fair to say that Packers tight end Tom Crabtree is a bit off center. The man sported a fierce bright green mohawk essentially because Twitter asked him to, and has a standing offer to get a tattoo of any No. 16 seed that wins the NCAA tournament (pretty safe bet there, but you never know). He also gets viral humor, as recent Twitpics of Olive Garden food "flown in from Grand Forks, North Dakota" can attest.

And, it turns out that he really likes to win at dodgeball, even when he's playing with middle schoolers.

As first dug up by Deadspin, Crabtree demolished nearly an entire crew of seventh- and eighth-graders at Green Bay (Wis.) St. Paul Lutheran School during a recent visit to the school. No one seems to know precisely why Crabtree was at the school -- besides his everlasting quest to play more dodgeball, of course -- but he was, and he absolutely owned the court.

While Crabtree's on-court highlights are impressive, his video editing skills may be even more so. The man used repeated instant replay to highlight some of his best slams on 12- and 13-year-olds. Keep it classy, Crabtree.

Of course, as with all great stories, Crabtree's dodgeball exploits featured both a hero and villain. The villain, unquestionably, was Crabtree himself. The hero? The fearless and unnamed middle schooler in the red shirt. The kid repeatedly ran out, putting himself in direct line of fire to attack Crabtree. Eventually he even pulled it off, drilling Crabtree when he was on his back foot.

Some may paint Crabtree's dodgeballing as over the top, or at least overly aggressive. They may be right. Still, given the epidemic of childhood obesity and other health problems related to general inactivity among school children, Prep Rally has a hard time criticizing any NFL player for playing dodgeball at their local schools.

In fact, maybe its time for a joint NFL-U.S. Department of Education dodgeball program. It might even provide more highlight reels and teach valuable film-editing skills. If it gets the ball rolling, Prep Rally will nominate Crabtree for a teacher in both dodgeball and editing skills.

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