Ohio pitcher and catcher combine for catch of the year on infield pop-up

Cameron Smith
May 29, 2012

It's all over: We have our baseball catch of the year, and it comes from Ohio.

As covered by the Toledo Blade, Toledo (Ohio) St. John's School pitcher Joe Robie and catcher Corey Tipton combined to produce one of the more spectacular circus catches you'll ever come across. The feat of dazzling hand-eye coordination came during an 8-4 victory against Fremont (Ohio) Ross High which clinched the Three Rivers Athletic Conference title.

The play started when Ross shortstop Tyler Wolf lofted a short pop-up in front of the plate along the first base line, but too far from the bag for the St. John's first baseman to have a chance to grab it.

That left Robie and Tipton to figure out who could reach it, with Tipton getting the first shot. The catcher couldn't quite reach it, but he remained true to his name, tapping the ball into the air and keeping the out alive.

Just in time, Robie crashed in and dove for the live ball, snatching it bare handed for one of the strangest and most spectacular pop outs in recent memory.

Tipton was incredulous the duo pulled off the play.

"I figured it was close enough to catch, and I just tried to make the play on it and didn't make it," the catcher told the Blade. "But I kept it up in the air, and Joe came in and swept it away. It all worked out.

"It's one of those things that, if somebody tried to tell you [it happened], it would seem like a joke. You'd say, 'Yeah, you're just messing with me.' To see that get on there, my whole family was happy. It's good to bring publicity to Toledo and show people how sports are doing here."

They're getting plenty of attention now, and based on that play alone they certainly seem to deserve it.

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