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Ohio football coach arrested for selling school-owned team equipment on eBay

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Perhaps someone forgot to tell Tyrone Copeland that eBay leaves a virtual paper trail. Perhaps he realized that and just figured that no one would find out.

Regardless of his excuse, the Lockland High (Cincinnati, Ohio) football coach now finds himself charged with one of the more embarrassing thefts imaginable after he was arrested for selling sporting equipment owned by the school district.

As first reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Copeland allegedly listed and sold 25 pairs of football knee pads and 24 pairs of football thigh pads on eBay in September. The sales of the pads earned him a combined $253.50 in cash, an amount trivial enough that it's essentially just a petty theft.

The difference, of course, is that this equipment was owned by the Cincinnati public school district, which means that it's government property. That has led to a theft in office charge, which quite naturally also led to Copeland's dismissal from his position as Lockland's football coach.

The charges also forced Copeland to spend Tuesday night in a Hamilton County jail before he was released with the express direction to stay away from his now former place of employment.

That Copeland would steal the football pads is silly enough. That he would sell them on eBay is even more bizarre. That he would go to all that trouble for $250? That's remarkable.

Here's hoping that Copeland is one of a kind and no other coaches act on a similar idea anytime soon.

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