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North Carolina prep pitcher also earning praise as a published author

Wake Forest (N.C.) Heritage High senior right-handed pitcher Austin Brennan published his novel "Grey Wolf" at age 18. (Amazon.com)

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Wake Forest (N.C.) Heritage High senior right-handed pitcher Austin Brennan published his novel "Grey Wolf" at age 18. (Amazon.com)

So much for the lessons we learned about dumb jocks in all those '80s movies. Wake Forest (N.C.) Heritage High senior right-handed pitcher Austin Brennan is laying waste to that stereotype.

In addition to starting on the mound for the playoff-bound Huskies, Brennan is a published author.

That's right. The 18-year-old son of an English teacher and product of a military family, Brennan has sold more than 200 copies of "Grey Wolf," a 537-page "Red Dawn"-style novel about World War III, according to HighSchoolOT.com. Here is the description from Amazon, where the book is available for $3.49.

World War III has begun, and the United States is invaded by an alliance of four countries determined to destroy everything and everyone in it. Three 15-year-old boys are thrust into battle after they meet up with a team of U.S. Army Rangers known as “Grey Wolf.” Soon they learn that in every shadow lurks a traitor, and that every ally might just as easily plant a knife in their backs. While the three young friends are determined to defend their country at all costs, none of them could possibly have imagined the horrors they will experience, the deception they will uncover, or the prices they will pay.

So far, at least, the feedback is remarkable. Fifteen of the book's 24 reviews are of the five-star variety, including this one: "Couldn't put it down! A few late nights until I finally finished. I may have to read it again and again." Not bad for a kid who wrote the first 300 pages by hand, produced the manuscript in just two months and edited it over the course of a year. Oh, and this book is only the first in a six-part series. Hopefully, Brennan makes as quick work of opposing batters as he does in his writing.

"I love that it's out there and people are reading it," he told HighSchoolOT.com. "It's really cool to know that you did something, and that it's out there for the whole world to view."

Brennan even worked some friends into the novel, including Heritage senior shortstop Graham Upton.

"I was kind of surprised," Upton told the North Carolina-based high school sports website. "I actually didn't know he was writing it for a while. He just kind of came to me with a notebook one day, and so I was a little surprsied. It was kind of cool. My first reaction was, 'Make me awesome.' I was a little skeptical at first, but I started reading through it, and I'm definitely very proud of what he's done."

Now, if only Brennan could script a state championship run for the Heritage baseball team.

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