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Months after amazing resurrection, AD attacks security guard

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In November, Erasmus Hall (N.Y.) High Athletic Director Mashall Tames was famously brought back to life by a former player after he suffered a sudden heart attack in a stadium press box. The story was covered here at Prep Rally and around the country, with Midwood (N.Y.) High assistant football coach Chris Miccio (the lifesaver) widely celebrated for his heroics and Tames roundly applauded for his good sense of humor and graciousness throughout the ordeal.

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Erasmus Hall athletic director Marshall Tames

Erasmus Hall athletic director Marshall Tames

Evidently Tames' patience and sense of grace have faded significantly in the moths since, if recent events are any indication. Tames was arrested on June 2 for attacking a school security guard for one of the more unjustifiable reasons we've ever encountered: the guard had the temerity to not open a parking gate quickly enough for him.

The New York Post and other sources reported on the assault, which has imperiled Tames 36-year job with the New York City Department of Education. Here's how the Post claims the assault unfolded on school grounds:

Witnesses told cops that the guard was running metal detector scans on students inside the lobby of the school, located near Church Avenue, at 2 pm when Tames tried to get her to open the gate.

The guard said Tames would have to wait, but he demanded she hand her keys over so a student could open the gate for him.

The guard refused, and an argument ensued. After a few heated words, Tames allegedly slapped the guard, leaving her with a bruise, witnesses told police.

The guard also reported that Tames poked her in the eye, though that claim remains in question. While no charges have been filed yet, Tames is expected to face some degree of assault charges that could lead to his dismissal from Erasmus Hall and the NYC Department of Education in total.

For the time being Department of Education spokeswoman Margie Feinberg claimed that no disciplinary action would be taken against Tames until after his criminal case was complete, though that outlook could change if the case drags on toward the start of the 2011-12 school year.

No matter what comes of that aforementioned criminal case, the circumstances surrounding them may mark one of most significant turns of news fortune of an athletic director in recent memory, with an AD going from heartwarming toast of the town to embattled attacker in just six months.

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