A Maryland football game somehow ended with a 4-2 final score

On Friday, Colonel Zaduk Magruder High (Rockville, Md.) faced off against Walter Johnson High (Bethesda, Md.). The final score was 4-2, in favor of Magruder. The sport was football, not baseball.

Magruder topped Walter Johnson 4-2 but didn't record a first down in the second half — BeRecruited
Magruder topped Walter Johnson 4-2 but didn't record a first down in the second half — BeRecruited

As reported by the Maryland Gazette, the only points scored by Johnson incredibly came when Magruder took a safety rather than punt from its own 1-yard-line. The Johnson offense then finally awakened just in time to mount a final drive which eventually gave them a shot at a win with a 36-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds.

Fittingly, it fell short, just as both teams' offenses had all night.

"Probably a little outside his range," Johnson coach Jon Kadi told the Gazette.

"We're young. We have to get better. We have to execute when we have the opportunity. We've got eight or nine new starters on offense, 17 new starters across the board. These kids haven’t played a whole lot of football."

If the entire game had to be any stranger, one of Magruder's two safeties wasn't even called by the referees until after Magruder coach Kevin Bernot called a timeout to plead with officials. On the previous play, a hold had been called when Johnson quarterback Victor Riviero completed a pass from inside his own end zone. By rule, that automatically qualifies as a safety, but for some reason the officials had overlooked it.

In the end, there was no overlooking the general offensive ineptitude of both squads, even if Johnson kicker Matt Murtha had two different chances to connect on field goals, but missed first from 33 yards and then on the aforementioned 36-yard attempt in the final moments.

The win left both teams at 1-4. Perhaps it was only fitting that Magruder won without earning a single first down in the second half.

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