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Leo Messi’s son, less than a week old, is already a member of a team’s official fan club

Cameron Smith
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On Sunday, Thiago Messi was officially inducted as a member of the Newell's Old Boys supporters club in Argentina. That's not particularly surprising, considering the fact that his now uber-famous Dad is a former Newell's Old Boys youth team player and lifelong fan of the club.

A banner welcoming Thiago Messi as the newest Newell's Old Boys "socio" — Twitter

What is rather odd is that Thiago Messi's official induction came on Sunday, for a rather simple reason: Thiago Messi was less than four days old at the time.

Leo Messi may be a protege, but there's no way his son is so remarkable that he came out of the womb with an ability to write and fully formed fan affinity.

As it was, Thiago Messi was officially registered as a "socio" of Newell's by the fans themselves. The infant was given club number 2,881,152 with his registration, making him almost the 3 millionth official Newell's fan. The youngest Messi's fan affiliation was first noted on Twitter, where photos of his welcome banner swirled around late Sunday night, and was then reported by Barcelona-based sports newspaper El Mundo Deportivo.

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Thiago Messi, still less than a week old, in a Barcelona shirt — Twitter

Thiago Messi, still less than a week old, in a Barcelona shirt — Twitter

If they'd waited a few more years, they might even have been able to make young Thiago number 3 million himself.

Naturally, soccer fandom is manic in South America, with Brazil and Argentina leading that charge. And of the Argentinian clubs, Newell's Old Boys us renowned for its loyal, ferocious support.

Meanwhile, a Barcelona-backing newspaper had also presented the elder Messi with an infant "Thiago, 10" Barcelona shirt before he was even born, trying to keep the Blaugrana in the driver's seat to land his eventual services ... if he ever decides to play soccer at all (seems likely, no?).

Still, registering an infant, even one as famous as Thiago Messi, at four days old is a bit over the top. Then again, if he has even a drop of the athletic genius of his father, little Thiago's socio membership may prove to be something far more than symbolic. IT could be future-changing for his club.

No holding one's breath until then, though. After all, at the very, very, most ridiculously early, such a moment would still be years away.

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