Kazuya Murata, a.k.a. Yo-Yo Baby, will blow your mind

Ben Rohrbach
February 14, 2014

How this seven-month-old YouTube video has escaped the masses is beyond me, because it should have more views than "Gangnam Style" and everything Justin Bieber has ever done combined.

Meet 6-year-old Kazyuya Murata, dubbed Yo-Yo Baby at the 2013 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships this past summer. Competing at the highest level (1A), he finished ninth against his older competitors -- including 24-year-old Hiroyuki Suzuki of Japan and teenagers Ahmad Kharisma Luhur of Indonesia and Christopher Chia of Singapore -- who have won every Asia Pacific title since its inception in 2003.

A quick search of #YoYoBaby revealed that Chia is one of Murata's biggest supporters.

And be sure to follow Murata on Instagram, because Yo-Yo Baby is the best baby.