Junior varsity crossover leads to most embarrassing hoops takedown ever

Cameron Smith
February 3, 2012

Of all the embarrassing moments in prep sports history, this crossover from a junior varsity basketball game has to be pretty close to the top of the list.

While no one has been able to identify the players involved -- outside of the fact that both are on their schools' junior varsity squads -- we can rest assured that neither player will forget the moment anytime soon. The crossover itself was pretty impressive, but as pointed out by BallisLife and a handful of other outlets, the post-move rollover, a stop, drop and roll move, is straight out of a war movie.

In fact, the defender's flip-flop flyover was so dramatic that the ball handler himself was compelled to point it out, possibly more to ensure he wasn't injured than to embarrass him.

There was good reason for that concern, too. He flew a couple feet through the air, careening toward the court after initially slipping while trying to catch up to the ball in play. To be fair, that wasn't all due to the crossover -- the defender was already slipping when he tried to put on the brakes -- but the quick move almost certainly ensured that he would go flying ... and he did.

Luckily, the embarrassed defender in question was OK ... physically. It's hard to imagine his ego was still intact after that face-first dive toward the court, though.

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