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Illinois’ favorite hoops announcer Brian Snow goes off again: “It ain’t midnight yet, y’all!”

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On Monday, Prep Rally brought you the vocal talents of one Brian Snow, the play-by-play announcer for High School Cube in the Chicago area. Snow was covering a playoff game between Chicago (Ill.) Marist High and Chicago (Ill.) Curie High, and reached the upper strata of the auditory realm during Marist's late comeback for an upset victory.

Just days later Snow has done it again, with his most recent vocal stylings brought on by another pretty impressive late Marist comeback. With the RedHawks trailing by as many as 15 in the fourth quarter, it seemed there was no way they could mount another comeback against Bogan (Ill.) High … but they did.

When Marist hit a three, got a steal and scored a final layup to wipe out a five point deficit in the game's final 27 seconds, Snow let his wild child out and offered up another inspiring, vocal chord-searing call.

"Oh my GOODNESS! We are tied! Marist has come all the way back again! DO YOU BELIEVE THIS!"

"Oh my goodness. Marist strikes again! David strikes again!"

Prep Rally assumes that's a David and Goliath reference, which is a pretty decent comparison for the call, as Marist was a pretty major underdog in both contests. Still, it was the next line that served as Snow's coup de grace on this call:

"It ain't midnight yet, y'all!"

There is no question that Snow's calls are absolutely infectious, particularly when he's goes both Biblical and Cinderella in the same minute-long span. He's a super Gus Johnson for high school hoops, even if his take on events may occasionally be a bit over dramatic.

Or, perhaps more appropriately -- as Sean Leahy first posited -- it's like Miss Piggy doing voice over work of Gus Johnson's best calls from March Madness.

Given the fact that Johnson will be missing from this spring's NCAA Tournament, perhaps it's only fitting that Snow has emerged just a week before it kicks off. If the world can't enjoy Gus Johnson, maybe Snow can help bridge the gap he leaves behind.

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