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Houston girls hoops team beats crosstown rival 76-0 in friendly tournament

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Tis the season for one-sided girls basketball scores. Still, one outcome in a recent Texas game earned quite a bit of consternation for multiple reasons: It was a blowout, and it involved a school which has suffered multiple one-sided humiliations in recent years.

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The North Forest girls basketball team rolled toa 76-0 shutout in an early season tournament — BeRecruited

The North Forest girls basketball team rolled toa 76-0 shutout in an early season tournament — BeRecruited

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, among other sources, Houston (Texas) North Forest High routed Houston (Texas) Lee High by a final score of 76-0 in the 2012 Houston ISD Girls Tournament. As Prep Rally has already noted this fall, this isn't the first shutout in a girls basketball game. But it is one of the worst so far in 2012.

Still, what makes the embarrassing loss all the harder to take for Lee and the school's fans is the fact that this has happened before … and relatively recently at that. Just two years ago, state boys basketball powerhouse Houston (Texas) Yates High trapped and pressed its way to a stunning 170-35 victory against the Lee boys squad.

That boys basketball blowout earned national attention, both for its final tally and the fact that Yates kept pressing and running up the score as Lee's players and coaches became so frustrated that a fight even broke out.

Now the Lee girls find themselves in a similar scenario, though they're hardly happy to be there, either. There has been no word of any possible attempts at reconciliation between the two programs since the game, though a brief call from North Forest's coach to their counterpart at Lee might go a long way toward bridging an emotional gap.

In the meantime, both teams have had plenty to keep them busy. North Forest followed up the shutout victory with a 73-14 victory against Houston (Texas) Waltrip High, while Lee had little time to rest and re-focus before a game against Houston (Texas) Wheatley.

Naturally, neither of those games are likely to get anywhere near as much attention or focus as what happened in four quarters of abject nightmare for Lee and almost stunning success for North Forest.

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