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High school football team needs $100,000 to save program

Jonathan Wall
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High school athletic departments across the state of California are feeling the budget pressure this year, including Paso Robles (Calif.) High School's football program, which could be on the verge of of having to cut its program if they can't raise $100,000 for the upcoming season.

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The school, which is located on the Central Coast, is just one of many in the area that are coming to grips with the possibility of not playing football this season. Paso Robles wouldn't be the first to consider cutting major high school sports.

Montclair College Prep in Van Nuys, Calif., shocked the state by cutting their entire athletic department amid massive budget cuts. While Paso Robles has decided not to make the same decision, they've made it clear it will be impossible to fund the football team without some financial help. said the program found itself in this predicament when the school district allocated just $40,000 for the school's athletic department, which was supposed to cover all freshman, JV, and varsity sports for both boys and girls.

"We're going to do everything we can to make sure it stays here. But if we weren't here there's a good possibility they might have to cut football," said Jennifer Railsback told

When the school realized the entire budget wouldn't even cover half the expenses for the football team, a group of boosters sprung into action to try and raise the money to keep the  program afloat.

The good news is the program already raised $24,000 at a fundraising event, which has them almost a quarter of the way to their goal, but with a long road ahead, there's a possibility that travel games in Los Angeles and Bakersfield could get cut from the schedule.

While some members of the football might be disappointed to see those games come off the schedule, you'd have to think they'd be more than happy to sacrifice them if it meant keeping the program afloat for another season.

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