Globetrotters help newly famous D.C. teacher conduct fantastic physics lesson

Ben Rohrbach
Prep Rally

Harlem Globetrotter Handles Franklin (right) visits high school teacher Dave Hovan's physics class --
Harlem Globetrotter Handles Franklin (right) visits high school teacher Dave Hovan's physics class --

Basically, Dave Hovan just became the coolest physics teacher that's ever lived. Prep Rally already called him the world's coolest teacher earlier this week, but now we're absolutely sure he is.

When a video (see below or right here) of the St. John's College High (Washington, D.C.) sixth-year instructor spinning a basketball on the end of his pencil as he graded astronomy papers began making the Internet rounds on Tuesday, the Harlem Globetrotters took notice.

The world's most famous team of basketball magicians sent the spectacularly named Handles Franklin to Hovan's AP physics class, and USA Today detailed the meeting.

"When I saw that post on the Internet and what he was doing teaching," Franklin told the students gathered in his class, "I had to make it down here to meet this man in person.”

Hovan and Handles recreated the viral video, and there are Vines aplenty from students. As every great teacher is wont to do, Hovan managed to turn the visit into a lesson.

"We had been talking about angular momentum and the formation of the solar system," Hovan told USA Today's Scott Allen. "It's something I’ve done every year. I've been able to do it since high school and when I got to teaching physics and astronomy, I knew it would amaze students." No big deal. Just the formation of the solar system.

Afterwards, Handles invited the high school teacher to participate in the Globetrotters' stop at the home of the Washington Wizards this March. After such a whirlwind week, excuse Hovan if he opted to wait until his head stops spinning before committing.

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