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Friday Field of Dreams: For history, head west to San Francisco’s picturesque Kezar Stadium

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Kezar Stadium

Kezar Stadium. The San Francisco landmarks stands as one of the nation's most historic sporting venues still in use. It is based in one of America's most idyllic settings, nestled into a corner of Golden Gate Park, with clear views of the nearby hills and the green trees of the park.

Kezar Stadium Floodlight Towers 1949, X2207

When most people think of Kezar, they jump to its famous moments from the past, be they prominent scenes in the classic film Dirty Harry, major concerts from the 1970s featuring Led Zepplin and the Grateful Dead (among others) or the early days of the San Francisco 49ers. It even hosted the Oakland Raiders during their first year of existence.

Today, Kezar doesn't get nearly as much professional use, nor as many fans in the seats. Yet it still carries with it the memories of historic sports days by the bay, all with prep football playing out on its field, week after week.

Eighty-eight years after it was built, Kezar Stadium now serves as the home field for Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School (San Francisco, Cal.), Mission High School (San Francisco, Cal.) and arguably the city's two most prominent annual prep games; the Battle of the Birds rivalry game, between George Washington High (San Francisco, Cal.) and Lowell High (San Francisco, Cal.) and the annual Turkey Bowl city championship game.

Kezar Stadium, San Francisco

One could argue that in the larger spectrum of American sports culture, there is no calling higher than that of hosting prep football. In that way, Kezar will remain relevant and vibrant, so long as there is still high school football to be played by the bay.

Kezar Stadium, former home of the 49ers

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