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Freshman star posterizes And1 legend with massive dunk

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At its peak, the And1 Live Tour -- often colloquially referred to as the And1 Mixtape Tour -- featured a future NBA starting point guard and packed NBA arenas over the summer, with taped broadcasts of the dunking specialists' exploits televised on ESPN in a pseudo documentary series months later.

That might not be the case any longer, but the basketball company's traveling basketball show still draws solid local crowds as it tours around the country. Earlier this month, the And1 crew -- complete with longtime touring streetball legends Da Agressor, Sick Wit It, Elevator, Werm and Silk -- found itself in South Carolina two players short for the high school all-star team it was scheduled to compete against because of some unanticipated injuries.

The game's organizer -- Kristopher Gordon -- reached out to the stands and drafted a pair of local high school players, who were there to watch the game, to fill the two-man void. One of the players who stepped forward was L.J. Peak, the freshman star of Gaffney (S.C.) High's basketball program whose explosiveness has earned him a spot here at Prep Rally before.

Suffice to say, Peak didn't disappoint, thoroughly showing up the professionals in an 18-point outing that was highlighted by the phenomenal poster dunk you see above, in which Peak slammed directly over longtime And1 Mixtape star Da Agressor.

Not surprisingly, Da Agressor -- whose real name is David Bailey -- appeared to be somewhere between surprised and shocked into stupor on the mental scale after being dominated in the air by a 15-year-old high school freshman. After the slam, Bailey walked to the side and laid down on the court as the crowd rushed around Peak in typical And1 celebratory style.

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Gaffney star L.J. Peak and And1's David Da Agressor Bailey

Gaffney star L.J. Peak and And1's David Da Agressor Bailey

Eventually, Da Agressor gave a wry smile to the camera after watching a fan on the court offer up the customary "It's over!" gesture. That seemed fitting, as it had been performed dozens (if not hundreds?) of times after his own slams in the past.

As if the dunk needed more hype in its backstory, there is this: Peak promised his AAU coach that he would dunk on Bailey before the game even started. He certainly lived up to that pact.

To his credit, Da Agressor took the whole episode in stride, posing with Peak for the photo you see above after the game and interacting with fans as he normally would. Then again, perhaps he was just trying to keep the dunk from morphing into a LeBron James-Jordan Crawford moment (And1 hasn't tried to repossess the source video … yet).

The dunk was just part of a big week for Peak, who also reportedly picked up his first scholarship offer from in-state South Carolina. With major national programs like North Carolina and Kentucky (not to mention Georgetown, Texas, Marquette, Notre Dame and Clemson) also expressing interest in the lanky athletic wing, there could be plenty more, higher profile offers in Peak's near future.

Even if those offers don't develop as one might assume, Peak will always have at least one remarkable highlight to look back on, courtesy of an And1 star who never saw his explosiveness coming.

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