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Don’t like giant spiders? Then you’ll hate Nevada’s top mascot

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Nevada is in the desert, and the state's high schools make no mistake reminding you of their location with their mascots. There are plenty of desert animals, dust-related nicknames and the like. None are better than the largest spiders that inhabit these shores.

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You can't even get in the front door of Gabbs High without a mention of the school's mascot — Tim Messick's Photo Blog

You can't even get in the front door of Gabbs High without a mention of the school's mascot — Tim Messick's Photo …

The Gabbs (Nev.) High Tarantulas take their name from a terrifying trend that takes the town by storm every fall. As noted by USA Today, there is a stretch of time in the autumn when male tarantulas completely overwhelm the small locale as they migrate across the desert in search of mate.

Like a scene out of Arachnophobia, male tarantulas are everywhere in the town. They outnumber humans, are often found in houses and can be seen climbing up screen doors and coating the local roads.

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Mascot Quest 2013 — Flickr

While the migration itself may be a scary thought, it did set the stage for an equally terrifying mascot, with Gabbs High enthusiastically adopting the harry spiders as their athletic nickname.

Other Great Nevada Mascots of Note:

Dayton (Nev.) High was quick to capitalize on its spot in the desert, with the frequent wind storms that travel across the rural locale inspiring the school's Dust Devils mascot emerging as a result. Naturally, Dayton isn't the only place that gets a lot of dust storms, but it has made the freaky weather phenomenon its own better than anywhere else.

North Las Vegas (Nev.) High was built in 1991, during the heart of Operation Desert Shield. That, combined with Nevada's large military presence and the frequently mentioned, ever-present desert combined to inspire the Cheyenne Desert Shields. The school's logo takes the form of a traditional Native American shield, as you can see right here.

One might assume that Hawthorne (Nev.) Mineral County High took its Serpents name from the desert, too, but it didn't. Rather, the school took on the Serpents mantra because of nearby Walker Lake, which is allegedly home to a Nessie like lake snake. The mythical creature in Lake Walker is named Cecil, as is the mascot used by the Serpents during the season.


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