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Deion Sanders Jr. enters the rap game with major “swag”

Prep Rally

Everyone knows Deion Sanders is quite a character. Now we know his son is, too.

For the second time in as many months, Deion Sanders Jr. is in the news for rather unorthodox reasons. Last time, Sanders Jr. was Tweeting about being hassled at a Dallas-area mall because he didn't have appropriate ID to use his credit card. Now, Sanders Jr. is in line to get some slightly more positive publicity for another bit of non-footballing trivia: He's quite the rapper.

As pointed out by the Dallas Morning News, Deion Sanders Jr. claims in his rap track that he is "Swaggin'", all part of a new video of Sanders rapping over a Soulja Boy tune of that name with his own flow, in which he proclaims himself to be as fly as, well, Soulja Boy.

Doubts? Just check out two of "L'il Deion's" flows from the 3:26 video, which has now been posted on both YouTube and World Star Hip Hop.

"Yeah, I'm swaggin ... L'il Deion, and I'm flying like Aladdin."

"[I] ate this dang beat like a bowl of Campbell's soup."

So, there you go. For his part, as the video began to near critical mass on Twitter and other social media, Sanders Jr. fired back -- on Twitter, of course -- with a Tweet that screamed of a nonchalance befitting his teenage status.

"Lol they got me on worldstar for a song I made a while ago. I'm not a rapper. If the song is Good or bad, Idc, i'm 17... Ima have fun"

If you want to get a copy of his single, well, it hasn't been released anywhere outside of the viral videos which have been posted. If it does hit the airwaves, at least we know that Sanders Jr. will have some funds to pay off those pesky credit card bills.

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