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Connecticut squad wins on 48-yard Hail Mary after defender’s unlucky trip as time expires

Prep Rally

In a battle between two Catholic schools, neither can claim to have God on their side, right? It would seem that way, but some Fairfield Prep (Fairfield, Ct.) fans might beg to disagree.

As reported by the Connecticut Post, Prep was clinging to a 34-33 lead against fellow Fairfield County Catholic school St. Joseph Prep (Trumbull, Ct.) with just one snap to go. With time running out, St. Joseph quarterback Joey Vazzano dropped back and heaved a 42-yard bomb down the right sideline.

The pass made it to the end zone, and so did St. Joseph wide receiver Lars Pederson, who also benefitted from one of the most unlucky trips in recent memory to find himself wide open at the right corner of the goal line. Pederson reached out and grabbed the incoming pass just in time to land in bounds, fall backwards into the end zone and send the St. Joseph sideline into delirium.

Final score: St. Joseph 36, Fairfield Prep 34.

Prep defender Jordan Buckley lay still on the ground for a good minute after the game-winning grab, seemingly refusing to believe what had just transpired. The St. Joseph coach was equally stunned that his team had salvaged a victory from a game in which it had a 16-point lead turn into a four-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

"I've never experienced anything like this in my life," St. Joseph coach Joe Della Vecchia told the Post. "After the [Fairfield Prep] kickoff, I just said, 'Let's go, you know what to do.' You never know what might happen."

What happened was one of the finishes of the early season.

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