Prep Rally

  • His leg broken in several places, H.S. runner crawls across finish line

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally3 days ago

    Connor Callihan was mere feet from the finish line at the cross-country conference championships when he suddenly stumbled. Not knowing what had happened, fans started yelling for him to get up, to finish the race.

    But standing was completely out of the question: Callihan's right leg had snapped, his tibia breaking in three places.

    “His leg was in a way nature didn’t intend it to be,” his coach said in an interview with Greenville Online. “This went from an admirable effort to something totally different.”

    He couldn't get up, but he could finish. Callihan, a junior at Roberson High in Asheville, N.C., crawled the last five feet. He crossed the line in searing pain.

    “This was my last race of the year,” he said Tuesday. “I just had to finish for my team. I just had to.”

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  • She's the only girl on the team, but that's not what makes this football player unique

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally5 days ago

    Between school and practice, it's hard enough for some high school kids to keep up with one sport. Try playing two in the same season – and excelling in both. That's exactly what the Speedway (Ind.) High School football kicker is doing. 

    Melanie McHenry spends a half-hour practicing with the football team each day before heading up to the gym for a two-hour volleyball practice. She stands out enough just for being a girl suiting up in a boy's sport, but there are an estimated 1,500 girls playing high school football this year. What makes her one-of-a-kind is the volleyball scholarship waiting for her at Louisville. 

    CC player Mel McHenry in action... on the football field! 4-of-4 on XP and placed each kick-off like a pro! AWESOME!

    She even got permission from the Louisville coaches.  "The Louisville coaching staff is OK with me playing football, but they also say no contact," McHenry told

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