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  • High schooler Lorenz Frazier makes arguably the 'Catch of the Year'

    Celia Balf at Prep Rally25 days ago

    Lorenz Frazier may have just made the “Catch of the Year.”

    Frazier, a junior at Allen Park High School in Michigan, is a third baseman for the baseball team as well as the star point guard for the basketball team. His athleticism isn’t up for question—that sprint, that leap and then that catch … world class.

    It’s that moment of suspension when a player goes flying over the dugout that makes this play so remarkable, especially when someone is able to topple over, then get back up and make a play, Frazier almost did just this.

    Frazier made the catch and fired the ball back to second with the hopes of making a double play. The catch alone is award worthy — and people everywhere are sharing it.

    Catch of the year worthy? We’ll find out.

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  • Months after traumatic accident, Indiana teen shines at state all-star game

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally1 mth ago

    Josh Speidel's lifelong dream came true in January, when the Columbus North (Ind.) High School senior learned that he'd been selected to play on the Indiana boys basketball all-star team. It seemed a fitting end to a fantastic high school career for a star athlete who was reportedly being recruited to play at the University of Vermont.

    Days later, Speidel's dream suddenly seemed impossible. Speidel suffered a traumatic brain injury in a two-car crash on Feb. 1. The crash left him in a coma, nearly a month passing before he opened his eyes. 

    The all-star game was the furthest thing from anyone's mind. Yet basketball quickly became part of his recovery routine. In March, six weeks after the accident, his parents told Indy Starthat he was slowly regaining consciousness. His attempts to speak were unintelligible, but he was showing signs that he understood what people were saying to him.

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  • Nation's top prep baseball team investigated for hazing

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally1 mth ago

    A travel baseball team associated with recently-crowned state champion Parkview (Lilburn, Ga.) High School is being investigated for a hazing incident.

    The team is coached by the school's coaching staff and includes most of the same players as the school team, but is not funded by the school or officially associated with the school. 

    Given the close affiliation, though, the school is investigating. 

    According to WSB-2 in Atlanta, incoming freshmen were allegedly hazed by current juniors on the team (known as rising seniors). The incident happened at a hotel in Charleston, S.C., where the team was playing in a tournament last weekend. 

    School officials released a statement Tuesday: 

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  • Texas freshman turns triple play, losing a cleat in the process

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally1 mth ago

    Turning a triple play is impressive on its own. How about doing it while losing a cleat?

    Kameron Lindsey, a freshman who plays shortstop at Colmesneil (Texas) High, was playing right next to second base, trying to hold the runner to a short lead. He was closer to the bag than the runner. When the batter sliced a line drive right at the pitcher, the runners at first and second took off.

    The ball bounced high off the pitcher's glove, straight to a diving Lindsey. He made a clean catch and beat the baserunner back to second. That's two outs. Then he sent a clean throw to the first baseman to catch the runner there. Three outs.

    It's hard to see in the video, but there was a fourth element to the play: Lindsey lost his shoe as he tagged second base. 

    He non-chalantly picks up the shoe as everyone starts cheering and running towards third base to celebrate. 


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  • California high school wins state on overturned call at first

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally1 mth ago

    A California high school baseball coach just made a case for all the managers who have ever stormed out of the dugout to argue a call. 

    Serrano (Phelan, Calif.) High held a 1-0 lead heading into the seventh inning of the state final game against South Torrance. South Torrance rallied back with an unearned run in the top of the inning, nearly taking the lead but eventually leaving the go-ahead run stranded at third, according to The San Bernardino County Sun.

    Serrano loaded the bases with one out in the bottom of the seventh, a golden opportunity to take back the run and the title. Daniel Brodie grounded to the second baseman, who flipped the ball to the shortstop to catch the runner heading to second. The shortstop threw it to first base for the double play. 

    A runner crossed homeplate, but it didn't matter. The double play negated the run. It looked like the game was heading to extra innings, until Serrano coach Joe Knowlton came out to argue that the shortstop's throw had pulled the first baseman off the bag.

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