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  • H.S. lacrosse player suffers broken neck on field

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally1 hr ago

    It looks like it will be a long road to recovery for Jack Enright, a high school lacrosse player who broke a bone in his neck in a lacrosse game Wednesday night.

    A teammate told local FOX affiliate WACH that the bone broke when the ball hit Enright directly in the neck.

    The junior was taken off the field on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery around 11:30p.m.

    His mother, Ann, also released a statement. She did not explain his prognosis, but it sounds like the devasting injury will require a long recovery.

    “Thank you all for the prayers and support … It’s been heartbreaking, and still feels so unreal at the same time. But if you know Jack, he is a fighter and has one of the biggest hearts and best attitudes I could ever be blessed with as a mother… " she said, according to WLTX.

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  • Teen hockey player takes blade to face during state title celebration

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally1 day ago

    The Francis Howell North (Mo.) boys hockey team was so excited to win Missouri’s Wickenheiser Cup (the state's high school championship) that the players raced to one end of the ice and jumped on top of each other – the traditional celebratory pile-on. 

    They had more than enough reason to celebrate: Francis Howell came into the Cup seeded 12th in the 16-team bracket.

    Unfortunately, a hockey pile-on is more like a disaster waiting to happen. The last to jump on the pile was back-up goalie DJ LaMartina. As he did, one of his teammates kicked his foot up in the air, unintentionally catching LaMartina in the face. 

    The injury is gruesome. LaMartina's teammates posted photos on Twitter, showing that a chunk of his upper lip and his chin are missing, as well as a tooth. 

    Here is ONE VERY GRUESOME PHOTO. Click at your own risk.

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