Aquille Carr, superstar PG, is arrested for domestic assault, jeopardizing promising future

Cameron Smith
August 20, 2012

Aquille Carr, the Allen Iverson-esque rising senior point guard who made waves at age 16 when he became the first American teenager to receive an offer to play professionally in Europe before graduating from an American high school, was arrested and held in jail on Saturday on charges of domestic battery against the mother of his daughter. Hours later, the prep superstar scored an astounding 56 points at a summer showcase, proving just how much he and college basketball may be standing to lose if the allegations against him are found to be true.

Baltimore hoops superstar Aquille Carr after his August 18 arrest — Baltimore police
Baltimore hoops superstar Aquille Carr after his August 18 arrest — Baltimore police

The arrest could jeopardize Carr's seemingly boundless athletic future. If he is convicted of assault, Carr would almost certainly not be allowed to play high school basketball at a Maryland public school, which in turn would put his collegiate and prospective professional future in jeopardy. Carr has committed to play at Seton Hall.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the 18-year-old Carr, who (perhaps now rather ironically) earned the nickname "Crimestopper" for the attention his appearances earn in Balitmore, allegedly spent much of Saturday behind bars before posting $50,000 bail in connection with charges of domestic assault against 26-year-old Treshonda Williams, his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Averi. According to court papers, Williams claims that she sent text messages to Carr on August 14 telling him that their relationship was over, and Carr responding by asking her to meet him outside a Baltimore trade school where he was inside taking part in an unidentified activity (either summer school or a basketball workout).

When Williams arrived an argument between the two allegedly ensued. Court papers claim that Carr then allegedly grabbed Williams by the shirt and pushed her to the ground. Williams claimed that he then kicked her in the back and punched her in the head and face before rushing from the scene in his car. It's worth noting that police photographs taken at the scene showed no proof of injury to Williams' face or back, but that she did complain of pain in her left arm, which she was unable to move. She refused all medical attention at the scene.

Incredibly, Carr wasted little time after the alleged assault before getting back into action, competing at an Under Armour showcase game that also featured NBA and collegiate players that evening. He followed that impressive performance up with an equally notable game on Saturday night, when the diminuitive scorer registered 56 points just hours after he was released on bail. The gaudy total was tweeted by Carr himself on his official Twitter feed.

Carr is also scheduled to take place in an ESPNU-televised national showcase called the Under Armour Elite 24, which will be held on Venice Beach on Friday and Saturday. Carr was a standout at the event in 2011 and was expected to serve as one of the showcase's main headliners in 2012 as well, though it is uncertain if he will still attend in the wake of the assault charges against him.

This isn't the first time that Carr's prep basketball future has been put under threat, but it goes without saying that these allegations could have much more significant implications for his broader future life in basketball and life in general.

It's far too early to know whether Carr's arrest will stick, or whether they allegations against him are less factual than early court documents indicate. Either way, they have jeopardized the magical image that Carr had cultivated for himself amidst a meteoric career rise that has seen him headline magazines, the front page of the The Washington Post and here at Yahoo!

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