Anonymous coaching survey has Texas town up in arms about where it came from

Jonathan Wall

Someone in the town of Argyle, Texas, isn't a big fan of the way girls head basketball coach Skip Townsend is running his team. The only problem is the Argyle (Texas) High coach has no idea who it is, after an anonymous individual sent a survey to parents of varsity and JV basketball players, asking them if they were happy with their child's playing time, and the job Townsend was doing.

As the Denton Record-Chronicle first reported, the survey became an even bigger issue when parents noticed it had an Argyle school district return address. But when the district was questioned as to why the letters were sent out in the first place, officials claimed they had never seen the survey before.

"No one at the school district sent or authorized the survey," Argyle superintendent Telena Wright told the Denton Record-Chronicle. "The return address was used without any permission or authorization."

Townsend, who's currently in his first season at Argyle, led the team to a 17-16 record in 2011. Before coming to the school, he won six UIL state titles with Class 2A Brock (Texas) High, so the coach clearly has a record of success. However, that apparently wasn't enough for one rogue individual.

The good news for Townsend is that parents and players are doing whatever it takes to make sure the coach stays at the school -- including going to school board meetings to voice their displeasure regarding the anonymous survey.

"It's cowardly deceit that went through my mind," [Argyle resident Kyle Roberts] said of learning the survey did not come from the district.

He said he's embarrassed someone had the nerve to do such a thing, and that he wants the source of the surveys to be found out.

"There's been a lot of great coaches that have coached in this school, and because a few parents banged a drum, they left this community," he said.

While parents would clearly love the source of the survey to be outed, the district made it clear that there were no plans to start an investigation to find the individual.

It seems silly that someone would go to such great lengths to have parents fill out a survey. But based on the success Argyle has had on the hardwood in recent years, you can clearly tell the entire town wants the best coach at the helm. Based on the town's reaction, it's clear Townsend is the right man for the job.

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