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  • Football state championship game to be decided in court

    Jay Hart at Prep Rally 1 mth ago

    A high school in Illinois is turning to the court to send its football team to the 7A state championship game.

    Officials from Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Ill., have asked for an emergency order from the court to overturn the results of Saturday’s semifinal game against Plainfield North.

    Here’s the situation:

    Fenwick led Saturday’s semifinal 10-7 and had the ball at its own 15-yard line with four seconds left. Needing just to run out the clock, Fenwick quarterback Jacob Keller launched a pass deep downfield, toward no one, as time expired. Referees, rightfully, threw a flag on the play for intentional grounding.

    Here’s where the controversy came into play.

    Instead of the game ending on the intentional grounding play, as it should have, referees mistakenly awarded Plainfield North an untimed down. Given another play, Plainfield North kicked a field goal, tying the game and sending it into overtime where they won 18-17.

    No one disputes the referees got the call wrong. The rule clearly states a loss-of-down penalty does not lead to an untimed down if time has expired. The game should have ended on the intentional grounding play, even with the penalty, and Fenwick should have won 10-7.

  • Remembering Prince's junior high basketball pic: effortless cool

    Jay Busbee at Prep Rally 9 mths ago

    Prince died on Thursday, a tragic loss for American music and culture. But as we mourn his passing, let us not forget this: Prince remains the only human being in history ever to look cool in middle school.

    Behold young Prince Rogers Nelson, a point guard for Bryant Junior High School in Minneapolis in the early 1970s. An undersized (5-foot-2) point guard, Prince nonetheless had both swagger and skills on the hardcourt. He played first for Bryant, and later for Central High School.

    Another Prince-related clip from the Strib archives, looking back at his hooping days at Bryant Junior High.

    With his playing options limited, Prince began focusing more on music, and the rest is purple-and-lace-bedecked history. But he never lost his love for basketball, showing up recently at a Warriors-Thunder game:

    Basketball's loss was the world's gain.

  • Freshman scores 68 points to set Arizona state scoring record

    Kyle Ringo at Prep Rally 1 yr ago

    B.J. Burries began shooting 500 free throws a day with his dad when he was a small child and all that practice has given the young man an uncommon touch from the perimeter that is showing up in a big way in his first season at Globe High School in Arizona.

    Earlier this week, Burries scored 68 points in a 105-103 double-overtime win over Florence High School, setting a new state record in Division IV. He made 22 total field goal and went 17-for-18 at the free throw line.

    [Face time: Player in boys basketball game scores in unusual way>

    First of all , I would like to thank GOD for giving me the ability to play tonight . Career high 67 points. Got that Dub in double OT,#Tyj💯

    This isn't the first time Burries has made a name for himself. He won the Hoop Shoot Getty Powell Award in 2013. The award is presented to the winner of a national free throw shooting contest. Burries made the final six and then made 25 consecutive free throws to win it.

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  • Face time: Player in boys basketball game scores in unusual way

    Kyle Ringo at Prep Rally 1 yr ago

    Max Nolen scored two points in a recent high school basketball game in a fashion he probably couldn't duplicate if he tried 100 times. And trying 100 times would be painful.

    [Stellar display of sportsmanship nets Matty Marcone his first goal>

    Yes, that is Nolen, a senior on the Tharptown boys basketball teamin Russellville, Alabama, scoring in the video above when a pass from a teammate redirected off his head and into the basket. It looks like fellow senior Matthew Brasuell gets a piece of the ball as it passes him and he reaches for it. If he did alter it's path slightly it would explain why Nolen missed it so badly.

    The greatest part about this memorable moment is that Max immediately pumps his fist after the score. He didn't care for a minute how the ball went in the net. He's clearly all about winning.

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  • Basketball season canceled for Indiana girls teams after fight

    Kyle Ringo at Prep Rally 1 yr ago

    Two girls high school basketball teams in Indiana had the remainder of their seasons canceled as part of a punishment handed down Monday following a fight between the rivals during their game Saturday.

    The Indiana High School Athletic Association canceled the rest of the season for the girls teams at Pike and Ben Davis, but it didn't stop there. The teams will be under probation next season, players must take a sportsmanship class and coaches must complete a behavior and role model class.

    The schools are responsiblefor disciplining individual players for their roles in the melee.

    [Stellar display of sportsmanship nets Matty Marcone his first goal>


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    [Kyle Ringo is a contributing writer on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @KyleRingo

  • Wisconsin bans high school cheers that taunt opposition

    Jay Busbee at Prep Rally 1 yr ago

    If you're at a high school game in Wisconsin, the state says it's time to watch your mouth. Here are a few things you can no longer cheer/chant/shout at the opposition:

    "Air ball!"


    "Season's over!"

    Presumably the clap-clap-clapclapclap that accompanies many longtime beloved taunting chants is still permitted, but for now, students and cheerleaders in Wisconsin will have to conform to a new set of cheering standards. (Update: the standards themselves are not new, but the requested enforcement of them appears to be.) The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association announced the rules in December via email:

    The rules are now making their way around the state's student bodies ... to less-than-positive reaction. One student at Hilbert High School was suspendedafter posting on Twitter a message that included the email along with the words "EAT [expletive] WIAA."

  • Army All-American Bowl players to debut adidas Chromaflage cleats

    Kyle Ringo at Prep Rally 1 yr ago

    These days what you're wearing in a game and how you look is almost as important to some players as they actually perform. Look good, play good so to speak.

    With that in mind, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl features many of the nation's top high school football players this week in San Antonio and the athletes on both sides will be wearing new cleats unveiled by adidas.

    Rep the flag with fast. adizero Stars & Stripes is the star of the show at @ArmyAllAmerican. #Cleathead #ArmyBowl

    Just like college players whose teams play in bowl games at the end of the season, these prep stars get quite a haul of equipment and other swag when they arrive for practices. The game will be played Saturday at 1 p.m. (EST) and televised on NBC.


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