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‘The world is his ashtray’: Playboy unloads on John Daly

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It's impossible to overstate, or really even explain, the golf world's fascination with John Daly. Perhaps it's because he's the photo-negative of everything the golf world stands for in terms of propriety and decorum. Perhaps it's because his Thursday rounds are far more interesting than most leaders' Sunday ones. And perhaps it's just because we're all a tiny bit jealous of a two-time major winner who's doing everything he wants, whenever he wants, damn the consequences.

Playboy has just published a long profile on Daly (link NSFW; hope you didn't need to be told that) that begins with his humble origins:

His upbringing was straight out of some old-school country song. Born in California, Daly and his family moved when he was four to a log cabin in Dardanelle, a tiny town in Yell County, in the middle of Arkansas. It was the ­epitome of redneck life, one in which his mother made chocolate gravy and biscuits in the kitchen and homemade shirts on her sewing machine. He and his brother Jamie would drag a trampoline up to the house so they could jump off the roof onto it, just for kicks. Their father made his own muscadine wine and stored it in mason jars. All the Daly kids risked a belt whupping when trouble came around.

...before proceeding through his major wins and his four wives. It's not a favorable review ("The picture he paints is of four women who had all the flaws") but by all appearances it's a fairly honest one. And it's drawing plenty of attention for one key quote:

"I'm real close to being a nympho, if I'm not one," he admits. He and ­[girlfriend Anna] Cladakis try to have sex at least once every day. "If I'm with somebody, I want to be with that person. I wanna have sex a lot. Anna's been great. We're both nymphos, I think. We like each other's company. We like making love to each other."

If that doesn't make you gag, recall that he gave "have lots of sex with your wife" advice to Tiger Woods, and look where that got Woods ... er, don't.

Anyway, as much as Daly pinwheels through life, and as far as he falls without hitting bottom (his estimated monthly expenses are an unbelievable $43,000) , he's still got something almost the rest of us don't:

"It's like Jack Nicklaus said, 'If you win the British Open at St. Andrews, your golf career can't get any more complete,'" Daly said. "Or something like that."

[Visor tip: Pro Golf Talk via Dogs]

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