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Woods, Westwood and Kaymer: Who'll win in Dubai?

Jay Busbee
Devil Ball Golf

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Tiger Woods has fallen to No. 3 in the Official World Golf Rankings, with Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer now dueling for No. 1. And this week in Dubai marks the first time all three have battled since the rankings turned inside-out. So who's going to run the table? Devil Ball's Jay Busbee, Jonathan Wall and Shane Bacon take their cuts.

Busbee: You could make the case that Westwood will beat Kaymer and Woods this week, but if you're talking about guys that could win the whole tournament, it's Kaymer and Kaymer alone. The Teutonic Terror is playing out of his mind at the moment, and it'll take game that Westwood hasn't shown in months to bring down Kaymer (and, for the record, hold him off from taking over the OWGR top spot). Woods? Not yet. Only one guy in the world could outplay Kaymer right now, but Chuck Norris isn't entered in this tournament. Your take, gentlemen?

Wall: It's hard to disagree with Busbee on this one. While Lee Westwood is the numero uno, he hasn't been playing like it on the course -- looking extremely rusty in his first two events. Woods has been hit-and-miss, and I keep hearing his game just isn't where it needs to be to contend. Kaymer, on the other hand, has been a machine. True to his "Germinator" nickname, he's been blitzing fields and winning by wide margins -- all while looking like he's not breaking a sweat. He's the most in-form guy at the moment, and he seems to relish opportunities to play against the best. I expect him to bring his A-game to the party and dust Tiger and Westy in the opening rounds.

Bacon: Come on, fellas, this is Tiger WOODS we're talking about!!!! He's won 14 majors! He's never finished out of the top five in this tournament! He's Tiger WOODS! Okay, okay, okay ... he ain't the same guy he used to be, but I like him this week. Why? Because I'm crazy, that's why, and because he eventually is going to break out of a slump, and like betting the money line for Cavaliers, it's eventually going to hit (just don't hold your breath). Tiger will beat these two Euros like a drum in Dubai. Bank on it.

All right, you're up. Make your best case for one of these three cats. And somebody give Westwood some love, please? He's a lonely No. 1!

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