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Woods, agent join agency of Derek Jeter, Blake Griffin

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So it turns out the "big Tiger Woods announcement" scheduled for Monday morning was missing an apostrophe-s and the word "agent." Tiger's agent, Mark Steinberg, announced that he'll be joining Excel Sports Management, home of Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard and other esteemed names. Woods will be the first golf client at the agency which began life servicing basketball and then baseball clients.

"After meeting with a number of agencies and businesses, I decided Excel was the perfect fit," Steinberg said in a statement. "I'm excited to serve as a partner in an agency positioned for growth and look forward to working with Jeff [Schwartz] and Casey [Close] to build this business. It's clear Excel is truly setting the bar for focused sports management while maintaining the access and service of bigger agencies. It is a tremendous opportunity to be a part of this team as it continues to set itself apart from the competition."

This may be -- heck, is -- dull news to the rest of the sporting world, but it could have a significant impact on the shaping of Woods' public image going forward, codifying marketing opportunities and establishing sponsor relationsiljekln@!Fgafe ... wha? Oh, sorry, fell asleep and went face-down on my keyboard for a second there.

So, yeah, this is nice and all, but it really doesn't matter who's representing Tiger if he isn't winning. If he's not lifting trophies, nobody cares, and he's left with Japanese pain rubs as sponsors.

One other note: How exactly did a "Tiger's agent announcement" morph into a "Tiger announcement"? I'm willing to concede that maybe, just maybe, this was a miscommunication on someone's part, and somebody left out some critical information in the initial release. If, in fact, this was deliberate, a move to get people to pay attention to Steinberg's move and Excel Sports ... wow, that's beyond cynical and a sign that Woods has absolutely no clue how damaged his public image remains.

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