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Devil Ball Golf

Watch this 3-year-old imitate Rory McIlroy with incredible accuracy

Shane Bacon
Devil Ball Golf

We've all seen the videos of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as kids hitting golf balls better than most of us ever will as adults, and we may have a new kid to watch grow up and win major championships.

This video of  3-year-old Michael Patton of Dublin, Ireland hitting golf ball after golf ball into what looks like a clothes hamper not only is your adorable video of the day, but shows that this kid is pretty incredible at golf.

Sure, a couple of those shots didn't go directly into the hole, but Patton just keeps hitting shot after shot nearly perfect and makes it look effortless (a couple of times the ball had barely stopped rolling before he banged it at his target).

I guess as winter is fast approaching we can all thank this kid for showing us a new way to practice our short game when the snow starts to fall on our local country club.

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