Video: Trick shot artist Geoff Swain teaches Ian Poulter a couple things

Jonathan Wall
Devil Ball Golf

Ian Poulter doesn't have to worry about quitting his day job anytime soon, but if he ever tires of doing over-the-top celebrations and sinking clutch putts, he has something to fall back on: trick shots.

Trick shot artist Geoff Swain got together with Poults before the Ryder Cup -- I wonder if Jose Maria Olazabal knew he was working on these shots pre-Ryder Cup? -- to teach him a few things -- and wouldn't you know it, the brash Englishman actually looked pretty good pulling off some of the shots.

I wouldn't recommend trying the between-the-legs shot at home, but hey, give Poults some credit for pulling some of these off after a couple attempts. Sure, he's a pro golfer and executing difficult shots comes with the territory. But for a guy who only needed a couple attempts to perfect most of the shots, he makes it look pretty easy.

h/t Eye on Golf