Video: Tiger Woods’ incredibly awkward interview with Maria Bartiromo

Jonathan Wall
Devil Ball Golf

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo apparently didn't get the memo that you're supposed to ask generic softball questions to Tiger Woods during "exclusive" sponsor-related interviews.

Speaking to the 14-time major winner on Oct. 19, Bartiromo asked a number of interesting questions during the five-minute interview. And by "interesting" I mean incredibly awkward.

From the opening question regarding Woods' stake in FUSE to asking Woods about Lance Armstong coming back and how he handled endorsements post-hydrant, Bartiromo's interview was all over the map and actually rivaled Woods' initial Google+ hangout.

If CNBC was trying its best to keep Woods away from the network in the future, it should consider the wacky interview a complete success.

h/t Shackelford