Video: Kyle Stanley is a trick shot artist on the basketball court

Jonathan Wall

Kyle Stanley is one of the PGA Tour's rising stars -- a twentysomething with a ton of talent who can hit the ball a country mile. There's no question the 24-year-old, who won the Waste Management Phoenix Open earlier this year, has some serious game on the course.

But did you know he has game off it as well? Check out this video of Stanley hanging with Gonzaga's basketball team and performing some sweet trick shots on the basketball court. Stanley, who enters the video at the 3:30 mark, heaves the ball from the stands and watches as it goes in on the bounce.

Not bad at all. I'm not sure it's as impressive as a 50-foot double-breaker, but if Stanley ever gets tired of playing golf on the PGA Tour, at least he knows he can make some money as a basketball trick shot artist.

(h/t Golf Digest's Local Knowledge blog)