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Jay Busbee

Trevino, Nicklaus chime in on what Tiger Woods needs to do

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Everybody has an idea of how Tiger Woods can right the ship and get his floundering game up off the deck and turn the beat around and whatever other cheap hack metaphors you want to use. But while sportswriters, fans and Internet commenters can rant all day and all of the night, the people we really ought to listen to are the guys who have been there before.

Earlier this week, Jack Nicklaus offered up the surprising idea that he still believes Woods can beat Jack's record of 18 majors. "I still think he'll break my record," Nicklaus said Wednesday before hanging with Tim Tebow. "I'm surprised that he has not bounced back by now. He's got such a great work ethic. He's so determined to do what he wants to do." Not sure we agree, but hey, it's Jack, so he deserves a bit of respect.

And now, Lee Trevino (right) has weighed in, as noted. Speaking in Dallas to promote the upcoming HP Byron Nelson Championship, he noted that Woods needs to burn it all, burn it to the ground. "My suggestion to Tiger Woods, which I don't know will ever happen," he said, "is he's got to look at the film from when he started winning all those tournaments and go right back to what he was doing and get rid of all these people." He was speaking of swing instructors and the like, but you could probably add all of Woods' entourage and hangers-on and not be too far off the mark.

Trevino echoed the thoughts of many that the younger generation has, at the very least, caught up to Woods, and that getting from 14 to 18 is going to be a lot harder than getting from zero to 14.

Lanny Wadkins, also in attendance, noted that in his eyes, there's a clear winner between Woods and Nicklaus:

"Everybody [Jack] beat were Hall of Famers," Wadkins said. "The best tournaments you talk about with Tiger were a playoff with Rocco Mediate and Bob May. Lee beat Nicklaus in a U.S. Open 18-hole playoff. The quality of people he's beaten compared to Jack beat, there's no comparison."

Old, bitter guys griping, or knowledgeable icons dishing knowledge we should pay attention to? Your call.

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