Tom Watson hits one of the most incredible recovery shots at the Toshiba Classic

Shane Bacon
Captain's Blog: 'It"s still very unsettled'

U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Tom Watson says it's still too early to examine the current points list. (USA Today Images)

Tom Watson is a living legend in the game of golf, a man with five Open championship wins and a golf swing that was so repetitive it would put you to sleep.

Watson is playing this week at the Champions Tour's Toshiba Classic, and he found himself in a pretty tough spot during his second round. The 64-year-old was up against a tree on the par-3 8th hole, no problem for a left-hander like Phil Mickelson, but not nearly as easy for someone that swings from the right side. 

What did Watson do? Just turn his back to the hole, swing his club one-handed and pop the ball on the green and toward the hole. What happened next was nearly the shot of the year, with Watson's ball hitting the flag but traveling a little too hard to drop for the birdie. 

The above video makes it tough to see the end result as a caddie gets in the way of the hole, but the ball ended up just a couple of feet away from the hole after hitting the stick and Watson rolled that in for a par.