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Tiger Woods' troubles have cost his agency $4.6 million

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When word of Tiger Woods' "transgressions" broke last year, some companies, like Accenture and AT&T, fled the sinking S.S. Tiger. Others, like Nike and EA Sports, hung on for dear life, banking that Woods would bounce back.

And indeed he has, but the troubles have exacted a price on Tiger and everyone around him. Confidential documents obtained by CNBC from Woods' management company IMG have found that Woods' loss of endorsement revenue cost IMG $4.6 million in fees.

As CNBC's Darren Rovell notes, IMG charges its clients the standard 15 to 20 percent fee on endorsement deals, meaning Woods himself lost $23 million to $30 million in endorsement deals. That figure is in line with estimates that Woods could have lost half his endorsement income, which is a significant percentage of his estimated $100 million annual income.

Still, it's not like this cripples IMG. The document, which was part of an effort to raise funds to refinance current debt and conduct new acquisitions, indicates that no client, not even Woods, earns more than 2 percent of total revenue for IMG's sports and entertainment division.

The CNBC report is fascinating for its breakdown of IMG's holdings and future strategies (hint: think Asia), and also for the sheer magnitude of its operations. The company, which is private, grossed $764 million last year from its sports and entertainment division.

Note: That is not a sign that Tiger, or any of IMG's other clients, should even think about future transgressions. IMG has indicated that celebrity representation will be an ever-smaller portion of its overall revenue stream. So if you want in with Team Tiger, better do it soon.

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