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Tiger Woods tries his hardest to stir up Ryder Cup questions

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If there is one thing the last year has shown us about Tiger Woods, it's that he isn't going to answer any questions he doesn't want to.

The last few months have given all sorts of reporters a chance to dig into Tiger's personal life, and as many commenters here at Devil Ball have repeated, it really isn't any of our business, and Woods lets us know that. But, as for the golf, that is our business, since he is the most famous in a handful of hackers, and is going to be asked about his game.

On Wednesday at Firestone, Tiger was asked about the Ryder Cup. As you may know, Woods is currently ranked ninth in American points, meaning that if everything ended today, he would be out as an automatic pick to be on the United States team, and would then be subjected to one of four captain's picks by Corey Pavin.

Tiger was asked three times in a row about his thoughts on being a captain's pick. Here is what Mr. Concrete replied.

Q. There's been a lot of speculation on the Ryder Cup. We're two weeks out from locking up the top eight. If you were asked to go as a captain's pick, are you all in?

Woods: "I'm planning on playing my way into the team."

Q. If it doesn't happen….

Woods: "I'm planning on playing my way into the team."

Q. That's still kind of an equivocation.

Woods: "I'm planning on playing my way into the team."

See, this is where I never quite understand Tiger. It isn't like the reporters at the interview were digging extremely deep. All they were asking was his thoughts on being asked to play in the Ryder Cup as opposed to playing his way onto the team. Sure, by answering it, there might be some ridiculous guard that Tiger lets down, admitting that he might not make it his own way, but it's a valid question that deserves a valid response.

The goal of 2010 was to repair the image that Tiger lost. With acts like this, it sure seems that he still isn't quite ready to push back that stoic veil and let us all into a little of what he's got going on between the ears.

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