Tiger Woods’ niece surprised him with a question during his U.S. Open press conference

Shane Bacon
June 11, 2013

If there is one thing we aren't used to seeing at a Tiger Woods' press conference, it's a big smile and a laugh.

Woods usually handles these pressers like a true professional, giving out as much info as possible without really saying much, keeping the media from really getting anything out of what is going on in that head of us.

But on Tuesday, a "media" member got Tiger to break; it was his niece, Cheyenne Woods.

Cheyenne, a professional golfer in her own regard, asked a question that got Tiger by surprise, forcing not only a big smile but a genuine laugh to go with it.

“The U.S. Open is usually one of the most grueling weeks of golf,” Cheyenne asked. “So what would you do off the course in order to be at ease and relax?”

Woods grinned, chuckled and then gave an appropriate answer, evening making sure his plans were okay with the 22-year-old.

“Didn’t expect that,” Tiger said. “Well, off the course, we have a great crew at the house and we're going to have fun. Tomorrow, make sure you're – is it 6:30 dinner? Is that all right? Okay. Perfect."

It was a cool moment that surprised just about everyone listening and watching, and lightened up an interview that started off fairly Sergio Garcia-heavy.