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Tiger Woods’ Florida home may be sinking back into the earth from whence it came

Jay Busbee
Devil Ball Golf

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Tiger Woods' home.

Well, well. Looks like Sunday scorecards at majors aren't the only part of Tiger Woods' life that's falling to pieces. Several outlets are reporting that the ground under Woods' gargantuan Jupiter, Fla. home is shifting. Apparently construction crews have dug out a hole in the dining room, and according to Gossip Extra (we know you read it daily, don't even pretend you're above it), they're investigating the status of gigantic helical screws under the house. These screws are about 24 feet tall and cost about $1,000 each.

Woods spent about $55 million all told on the house, the land, the accoutrements, et cetera, so this isn't going to be the worst of financial hardships for him. Still, there's nothing worse than coming home from a business trip and finding things are off-kilter on the home front. At least Woods doesn't have any new green jackets, Claret Jugs or the like to lose in the hole.

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