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Jay Busbee

Those 'candid' Tiger Woods jogging pics? Yeah, totally staged

Jay Busbee
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Just before Tiger Woods' infamous statement to the world last Friday, photos began leaking out of him in casual situations -- jogging around his home, hitting a few golf balls. The photos were clear, in focus, and starring a clearly at-ease Tiger, as opposed to the glowering figure caught outside a Mississippi clinic in a RadarOnline pic a few weeks back.

So how did Getty Images and the photographer, Sam Greenwood, get so close to Tiger? Four-mile telephoto lens? Camera-smashing caddy Stevie Williams happened to be on the other side of the planet? Nope. Turns out, this was a prearranged deal.

CNBC's Darren Rovell asked Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein about the images, and on Thursday, he had this disclosure: "We were approached, and Tiger happened to know the photographer and has known him for a long time."

You can decide for yourself whether this thus qualifies as legitimate journalism or just simple image-scrubbing PR. Getty has a longstanding reputation for honesty and doesn't trade in the style of tabloid photojournalism, but still -- bowing to Team Tiger in this way just doesn't feel right. It'd be interesting to know if Tiger's people had contacted any other wire services prior to Getty.

Man, nobody's coming out of this Tiger business looking good. Nobody.

Getty Acknowledges Photo Setup With Tiger [CNBC]


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