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Jay Busbee

Stricker, Goydos lead the PGA's shots of the weekend

Trying to pick a shot of the weekend last weekend is like trying to pick a needle out of a haystack made of needles. Everybody was shooting low. Shoot, even you could have broken par this weekend. But a few guys who did so better than everyone else deserve enshrinement in that most hallowed of halls, the Devil Ball Shots of the Week.

We begin with Steve Stricker, who put together beauties all weekend long en route to winning the John Deere Classic. Perhaps the finest was this up-and-down to set the PGA tour 54-hole scoring record of 188, 25-under:

Ice! More follows below:

Paul Goydos lit the fire at the John Deere on Thursday with a 59, capped by this birdie on the 18th:

Over at the Fort Wayne Gretzky Classic, Peter Tomasulo won thanks to lovely shots like this one:

And finally, Jason Bohn didn't win the Deere, but with shots like this at the 17th, he can still go home a happy man. A little less wealthy one, but still happy, right?

Beautiful. Well played, gentlemen. And how was your game last weekend, dear reader?

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