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'Stolen' car ends up in sand trap; penalty is more than two strokes

Jay Busbee
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Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found someone who had a worse time in a bunker this week than Dustin Johnson.

Our story begins at the Topstone Golf Course in South Windsor, Conn., where course workers arrived Wednesday morning to find the scene you see at right at the course's eighth green.

Sweet mercy! An upside-down Saab in a bunker! What club do you use to get that one out, do you figure?

Well, conveniently enough, not long after this car was found, Matthew F. Diulio reported that his car -- a black Saab -- had been stolen. Look at that -- a law-enforcement circle closed nice and neat.

Except that it wasn't. Turns out that the cops had some suspicions about the whole "stolen" aspect of this, and they arrested Diulio for filing a false police report. Diulio admitted that he and a pal had taken the car for a little impromptu tour of the Topstone Golf Course, and -- much like Mr. Johnson at the PGA Championship -- ended up in a most unfortunately placed bunker.

Before cratering, Diulio caused an estimated $10,000 worth of damage to the golf course. We're betting he won't be earning it by driving the beer cart.

(Thanks to the Hartford Courant for the tip.)

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