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Sometimes, you take a drop: Golfer falls off cliff looking for ball

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Golfers have a close relationship with their golf balls. You and the golf ball have a thing going, you know? You both have a role to play -- you send the ball on its way, and the ball's supposed to find the hole.

Alas, you can take the player-ball relationship too far, as when you search for your ball and end up falling off a freaking cliff.

It happened in Wellington, New Zealand on Tuesday, as a 66-year-old golfer searching for his lost ball plummeted more than 100 feet onto seaside boulders. (Please note, that's not the guy there at right.)

The golfer was playing alone so his accident wasn't known until club staff found his abandoned golf cart. And, in what must surely have looked like an opening scene to CSI: New Zealand, they looked over the edge and saw the man's arm sticking out from some bushes.

Fortunately, the arm was still attached to the man's body, and even more fortunately, the man was still alive. A helicopter landed on the shore near the accident scene and rescued the man. He's now in serious but stable condition in Auckland City Hospital.

No word on whether he found the ball.

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