Si from Duck Dynasty offers up some incredibly helpful golf tips

Shane Bacon
October 22, 2013

One of my favorite Lee Trevino quotes, which is like picking your favorite piece of Da Vinci work or Adele song, is the one about golf instruction.

Trevino was famous for never having a swing instructor, and his reasoning was as simple as it was true - "I’ve never met an instructor who could beat me."

One of a golfer's biggest pet peeves on a golf course or driving range is some guy giving his two cents about your swing when you A.) didn't ask for it and B.) know the guy is a complete hack.

But I'll make an exception when Si from A&E's Duck Dynasty is giving out advice for the golfer in all of us.

The above clip is Si teaching the rest of the clan about the golf swing, but he first notes that clothing is important in making the golfer.

As for his swing tips, Si has four basic steps; stance, adding distance to your game, hit the "little white golf ball" and, well, he didn't really give us a fourth step but we golfer don't always have the best memory.

h/t Press Tent