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Researchers develop golf ball made from lobster shells

Lobster Golf Ball

If you're like me, you probably have a tough time swallowing the $50-plus price tag on a box of pricey golf balls. Good players can justify shelling out the cash for balls that will help them get the most from their game.

But for the average hack looking to spend an afternoon out on the course, finding a reasonably priced golf ball is just as important as getting a prime tee time.

With that in mind, how does a golf ball that costs 19 cents to produce, sound? Talk about a cheap! But don't get too excited. You probably don't want to play this one. Unless you like playing a ball made out of lobster shells.

That's right, some researchers at the University of Maine designed a golf ball made from lobster shells that normally would have been sent to the local landfill. While the ball (pictured) looks good, it's designed with cruise ships in mind. The ball has a biodegradable "binder and coating" that make it perfect for the sea.

That unfortunately means it probably isn't a good ball of choice for your weekend match. But if you're short on cash, who knows, maybe it's worth picking up a dozen. There's always the outside chance you could be the first guy in the world to get a hole in one with a lobster ball.

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