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Q-School Quackle: Choking is just around the corner

Shane Bacon
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For the next few days, we'll be updating you on how PGA Tour Q-School is going. Our focus will be on some of the big names, but we will be sure to tell you who made a big move up the leaderboard each day, and who struggled to keep it going. Join us, and the golfers, as we try to keep our wits about this whole process as 162 golfers battle for 25 coveted spots.

Two guys, both heading in opposite directions.

One is a PGA Tour veteran, with five wins with the big boys over his career. The other snuck a win out on the Nationwide Tour in 2004, and is looking to gain PGA Tour status for the third straight year.

Billy Mayfair and James Driscoll aren't a lot alike. Mayfair, 44, has been a pro since 1988, and is currently leading PGA Tour Q-School at 16-under after a fifth round 67. Driscoll is 33, and plummeted from second place to a tie for ninth after a 75 on Sunday, the highest score of anyone in the top-73.

Both are trying for the same goal; staying in the top-25 for the next 18 holes to get status in 2011, and both moved in opposite directions in the fifth round.

They aren't the only ones, but Monday is a different beast. Emotions take a different turn when you know what's at stake. Fairways become cart paths. Holes look the size of your Polo logo, and a simple eight-iron to a middle pin position is suddenly surrounded by a host of trouble you'd never normally notice.

Mayfair is in a position that everyone is envious of. He can basically waltz his way onto the PGA Tour. Driscoll isn't in the same position. Another round like Sunday, and he could be looking back at a week that will be hard to forget.

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