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Phil Mickelson hit another one of those backward wedges during a Scottish Open practice round

Shane Bacon
Devil Ball Golf

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Phil Mickelson is always a magician around the greens with his wedges — Getty Images

Phil Mickelson will not go down as the greatest golfer ever, or even the best of his generation, but if there is a guy with a better imagination around the greens, I haven't met him.

Mickelson is at Royal Aberdeen preparing for the Scottish Open this week, a tournament he won a year ago a week before his British Open victory, and was caught hitting one of those backward flop shots.

It isn't the first time Phil has done this, but every single time I watch it I'm amazed. He not only got it to go behind him, but the shot turned out to be a pretty good one, settling just a few feet away from the flag.

While Mickelson's season has been a disappointment thus far, he is still one of the most entertaining golfers on the planet and it's mostly for shots like this.



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