PGA professional makes 100-foot eagle putt during the opening round of the PGA Championship

Shane Bacon
August 7, 2014

To play in the PGA Championship as a club professional is a dream come true for most golfers, but I'm sure your nerves are on high alert when you get to that first tee.

Hitting a drive with that many people around on that type of stage has to be rattling, but 34-year-old Johan Kok didn't seem to mind.

Starting on the 590-yard par-5 10th hole, Kok got just near the front of the green in two and had 100-feet left for his eagle. Unlikely to make it, I'm sure the man out of Temple Hills Country Club in Franklin, Tenn. was hoping for a birdie, but the putt rolled and rolled and rolled so more, dropping for the very unlikely eagle and an incredible start to his tournament.

While it isn't technically a putt since it's off the green, this would be the longest one made all season on the PGA Tour, eclipsing the 91-footer from Tiger Woods earlier this season at the Doral.

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